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Picture Name Organizationsort ascending Job title Interests
Carl Wiedemann M A G I C I A N Gingham style. Memes about horses.
David Marvin Sales & Marketing Specialist
Cyndi Koehl Programming/Project Manager
Teresa Coberly Library Technology Specialist
Alan Fields author
Cindy Dykstra Front-end Engineer
hugo lallo Developer
Teri Richter Technical Lead
Virginia Roper UI Developer
Thomas Kenny
Gregg Marshall Drupal Developer
Brent Robbins Web Designer
Michael McQueen Designer
BreAnne Ferris Application Systems Analyst / Drupal Developer (Government Contractor)
william moats coordinator of graphics and digital media Psychology of Carl Jung, Art, Woodworking, Auto Racing.
Erik Beck Digital Services Librarian
Cathy Snider Web Developer Photography
Matthew Tucker Drupal Developer
Rochelle Scott Assistant Director, OIT Communications
Alfredo Nevarez Web Developer
Hillary Campbell Web Developer
Kevin Crafts Lead Web Designer
Lynn Reed Graphic Designer
Lynn Cornier Unix Sys Admin
Rhonda Chesnutt Program Assistant
Douglas Baldwin
Curtis Snyder Associate Sports Information Director
Erin Corson Web Developer
Deepak Nehru Student
Susanne Demaree Web Developer I love my job: Webmaster, graphical design, advertising. I will create 4 mobile websites by September for our 4 postdoctoral fellowships to be activated by QR codes, and master Drupal then drupalize our website over the next year. I am really looking forward to these new learning opportunities.
Cathalina Fontenelle Web Applications Developer
Chris Miller Owner, Developer Drupal, kiteboarding, snowkiting, my dog, hiking, camping, printmaking, painting, drawing, shiny things, etc, etc, etc...
Rod McLennan President
Karen Morrissey CEO
Jeremy Lyon Technology Pastor
Jessica Montgomerie Lecturer
Patrick West Senior Software Engineer
Karen Solis Technology Associate
Ben Fields student
caroline annika starbird UX Designer UI/UX, Lean Startup, Agile
John Fiala Director of PHP development Books, Custom Entities, LEGO, animation, my daughter Rose, Geo Location.
Christopher Stevens Web Developer/Designer I'm looking forward to gaining knowledge in the areas of security and commerce. I'm also interested in sharing experiences with others attempting to make mobile apps fed by Drupal sites (having steady success in a new project so far, with a few pains here and there and room for debate).
Christopher Robinson Engineer
MARGRET-MARIE Thornton President of Seahur LLC.
Andre Takacs Managing Partner
Larry Dunn Analyst
Danny Pfeiffer Development Lead
Nick Brogden Developer
Brad Roberts Project Manager
Mike Pfeiffer Developer Gadgets, gizmos and guns.
Diana Johnson Digital Systems Librarian
Alison Verplaetse Digital Preservation Specialist
Brian Goodheim President
Kirsten Rae Erkfirtz Production Manager
Eric Pruett Web Architect Arts, CSS, Drupal, Drush, Education, Environment, Git, HTML5, Internet, LAMP, OOP, Recovery, Security, TIA, UX
Barbara Gstalder Manager, Management Infrastructure Documentation
Rich Lawson Senior Web Developer
Anne Brookhart
Patrick Sullivan Web Developer Drupal nodewebkit angularjs (\/) (°,,,°) (\/)
Marita Peak Consultant
Dave Reid Senior Engineer
Allison Boozer Developer Assistant
Nate Steven Developer Assistant
Anita Albert Developer Assistant
Mac Whitney Developer
Tim Hankinson Lead Developer
Tim Osborn Junior Developer
Tanner Langley Developer Assistant
Maarit Kaaihue Senior Web Designer
Winn Jewett Founder
Dan Carlson Web Developer
Steve Burge CEO
Bart Lantz Community Tech Admin responsive design, angularJS, javascript, jQuery, nodejs, vim, android development, mobile development
Christiana Kim Director of Operations
Chris Albrecht Developer
Chris Pitchford Senior Programmer Programming, Prog Rock, Peripatetic Puns
Bryan King Senior Developer
Pat Wells principal books, fly fishing, travel and new experiences
Matthew Dorman Senior Manager
Thetouristl Cheshipillarl Постельные истории Юлии Тимошенко Acountant
Ryan McVeigh UI/UX Developer
Chris Lee Backend Drupal Developer
Chris Caldwell Back-End Drupal Developer
Ryan Blyth Front-end Developer
Steve Morris Director, Business Development
Mark Casias New Signature Sr Software Engineer interesting things.
Emily Thompson Web Designer
Tanner Ferguson
Alex Antoniou Director of Educational Programs
Dani Renaud Mobile App Designer
James Swainston
Caleb Thorne Developer
Rick Nashleanas
Bryan Jones Web Developer
John Fellers Web Designer
Robert Ristroph Programmer
Brock Boland Senior Developer
Matt Kleve Senior Developer
Seth Brown Director of Operations
Nathan Haug