Y U Mad? Solving Drupal Problems the Fun Way

Nobody makes a perfect Drupal site on the first try. The difference between beginner and experienced Drupal developers has less to do with avoiding problems, and more to do with solving the problems that inevitably come up. For a beginner, a bug can suck up days of work and take you completely out of the fun of building something cool. For an expert, it’s just a quick bump in the road, maybe even an exciting learning opportunity.

We’ll walk through a few general approaches to solving problems in Drupal, and demonstrate some specific applications of these approaches. This session will be most useful to beginners, but even advanced developers can learn new tricks.

We’ll talk about:

  • Trial and Error technique

  • Five Whys technique

  • Divide and Conquer technique

  • Lateral thinking

  • Useful debugging tools

  • And more!
Development and Site Building
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