Drupal and Lean Startup Methodology - a match made in heaven

The Lean Startup is so popular it's becoming passe, but there are valuable lessons worth learning. Greg will give you his first-hand perspective from several experiments inside CARD.com We'll talk about idea generation, testing methodologies, feature deployment. This session will look at how the team at CARD.com has dramatically accelerated our growth by leveraging

  • Open Source Software
  • Building a professional services company around Drupal
  • Building a product company leveraging Drupal
  • Lean Startup practices
  • API interaction with partner organizations

Along the way we'll also talk a little about

  • Some thoughts on running a professional services business focused on the Drupal community
  • Some sample Key Performance indicators useful for any SaaS, PaaS or similar business
  • How to perform A/B tests

Oh, and tweet or email us a photo of you using your Druplicon Debit card to get included in the presentation :)

About the speakers

Greg Knaddison (@greggles) has worked with Drupal for nearly 7 years. He is currently the lead of the Drupal Security Team and an Advisory Board Member of the Drupal Association. At CARD he helps maintain all things technological with a main focus on adding great features to our website.

About CARD.com

CARD.com creates Fair, Fashionable and Fun online banking solutions. CARD.com prepaid Visa cards are your connection to what you love. Loading Card Members get VIP access and rewards focused on the passion pictured on their card. All loaded funds are 100% FDIC insured. You can load money in many convenient ways including with cash at Western Union and through direct deposit from your employer or federal benefits. You can transfer funds from card to card. You can use ATMs and shop near home and around the world.

Business and Open Source
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