Real customers giving us real feedback

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In the Drupal community, we can live in an echo chamber. We’re all really smart folks, but it can be difficult to ask and get answers to questions we should all be asking of our customers.

During the month of June, I did video interviews of our customers and asked them:

  • Are you happy with your Drupal site? What’s good about it? What’s not so good?

  • Did you have a hard sell to propose using an open source solution?

  • What do you hate about Drupal folks? Oh, and what do you love?

  • You first implemented a site that didn't work. Do you think your organization had to go through this pain first?

  • Are development best practices important to you?

  • Do you care what is coming up in future Drupal releases?

  • Is Drupal sexy? <- If this doesn't get you to come, I don't know what will!

I talked to organizational owners of for-profit companies, state and county officials, and non-profits. This will be a vibrant, interactive, no-holds-barred session that will be both informative and introspective.

Rewarding good questions and participation, I will be awarding Monarch t-shirts, custom designed for DrupalCamp Colorado 2013!


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