Design Smarter, Not Harder



The web is not the same as it was when you started reading this sentence. Working in a constantly evolving medium demands flexibility. Having a design process that can adapt to the changing way we create websites is key to achieving project goals and creating beautiful designs.


What are the pain points of your process? Which steps take the most time while producing the least results? Being able to identify the parts that aren’t working is vital to improving your process.

Our Tools

Don’t let others tell you which tools you should and shouldn’t use. The Tools we use should not define our process. Our process should dictate which tools we use and how we use them.

Getting Buy-in

A solid design process is something that everyone on the project team can understand, clients included. Communicating your process to your clients is as important as having an effective process.


The end result of your design process should give your team everything needed to implement that design in Drupal. Establishing and communicating an art direction is vital to the success of your projects. Like the web, your process needs to evolve and, in this talk, Ken Woodworth will walk you through a process that’s both simple and effective while leaving room to grow.

Ken Woodworth is an Art Director and Partner at Aten Design Group, a web design and development shop in Denver, CO. With more than 12 years of working on the web he has experienced the evolution of web design, from table-based design to where we are today.

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