Naming things: The crucial part of OOP that you're ignoring

Most everyone has heard the quote about there being "two hard things in Computer Science," but I often see this used as a reason to live with bad names.

It may seem like there's little harm in living with generic or ambiguous names, but it is likely a symptom of architectural problems that are being ignored.

As we move our procedural code into classes in Drupal 8, it's crucial that we give attention to the naming of classes and methods. Well named classes are easier to understand, easier to test, and will be more maintainable as our code-base continues to evolve.

In this session, I'll use examples from Drupal 8 to show the impact of good naming and how our current code commenting standards are harmful. I'll also go over the rules I use for coming up with good names for classes, interfaces, and methods.

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