Drush - do I really have to use it?

This session will touch on some of the ways using drush can become absolutely your favorite tool for working in drupal. 

I had a conversation with a now co-worker awhile back where I said "I won't work on a system that doesn't allow me to use drush." He still remembers the conversation and says he thought I didn't know what I was talking about. He now says "you were right".

The basics of drush are still in place, but with each new revision drush just gets stronger and more useful. I will start this session with the basics, and then move into some more in depth uses, such as aliases, drush make, and what's new and/or up and coming in drush.

If you've never used drush, or want to know more about drush, this is the session not to be missed.

Development and Site Building
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